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The Orb, The Link, and the Library: Sanctuary’s Quest was recently reviewed for the 6th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published eBook Awards.


Judges Review:

The Orb, The Link, and the Library: Sanctuary’s Quest presents with a brilliantly intriguing cover art design. I’m immediately drawn into the dynamic world. If you love anything alien-related (or science fiction of any sort, for that matter) you will love this one. The author’s voice is superb for this genre and the writing style is smart, skilled, and suspenseful. I was hooked from page one and the plot kept me interested and entertained until the very end. Great work with this one! Anna is a well-crafted lead character who is both likeable and relatable. On the technical side, the book is in great shape. I believe you indicated this was a series—I hope to read more! 

6th Annual Writer’s Digest
Self-Published eBook Awards
The Orb, the Link & the Library
Revelation of the Library 

D. M. Rosewood’s new book, Part 3 of The Orb, the Link & the Library: Revelation of the Library was released on April 24th, 2019. In the dramatic conclusion of this three-part epic story, Anna comes face-to-face with the most intelligent being in the universe—the designed intelligence known as the Library.

The intrigue escalates as Anna searches for the reason behind her quest and confronts the Visitors as they attempt to force her to serve as a decisive weapon in their impending power struggle on Xynthanthium. Her unexpected emotional attachment to the Library conflicts with the startling revelation of her future with this extraordinary intelligence. She has almost reached the end of her extraordinary journey as the story draws to its exciting conclusion.


D.M. Rosewood, a science fiction writer, is the first author in history to fly their manuscript into outer space before publication. Launching a book normally involves creating, presenting and promoting the publication of a new book, but this creative author has done something no one else has ever done in the history of writing - launching the manuscript of his book into outer space with Blue Origin and returning it to Earth to be published. The author confirmed that if the manuscript had been human, it would have qualified for Astronaut Wings, having flown in outer space. Now that’s a Book Launch that will be long remembered!

The Planetary Society – Author Launches Manuscript into Outer Space
Q&A with the Author who flew his manuscript into outer space

I sat down with D.M. Rosewood to discuss the announcement of having launched his recently published manuscript The Orb, the Link and the Library into outer space.


Q: What motivated you to decide to launch the manuscript of your new book into outer space?


Writer’s Digest Annual Conference: AUG 9-12. 2018 
// New York Hilton Midtown Hotel






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