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Sanctuary’s Quest

The Visitors came to observe… they returned taking part of Anastasia with them.

Propelled by one revelation after another, The Orb, the Link and the Library is a suspense-filled science fiction, mystery and adventure story of sixteen-year-old Anastasia and her engagement with a powerful alien race known as the Visitors—an engagement filled with intrigue and change, the human kind of change and the not-so-human kind.


Part 1,Sanctuary’s Quest is the beginning of Anna’s epic journey. Drawn in by the excitement of her discovery of an ancient alien artifact known as the Orb, she experiences the frightening extraterrestrial process of absorption and the extraordinary abilities it brings. She learns from the Orb that she has been chosen by the Visitors to undertake a mysterious quest. 


Guided by fate, or something more ominous, Anna discovers the vastly more powerful Visitor artifact known as the Link. The Link shows her the future of mankind, but it is not a future anyone would want to experience, nor one that anyone is likely to survive. What she learns from the Link and what it does to her changes Anna’s life forever as she develops a mysterious and overwhelming confidence to pursue a quest she is absolutely certain she cannot achieve.


Pursued and threatened by the Visitors and by NASA and enticed by the love of her best friend, Anna must overcome the Visitors’ manipulation of her thoughts, thoughts so real that it is almost impossible to distinguish her own reality from the fictional reality they create. As Anna fights with the hostile minds attempting to take control of her, she is pulled ever closer to the alien society she struggles to understand—a society that has a hidden message for Earth.

the orb
the link

The Avalanche Clocks

Anastasia’s quest to save mankind succeeds…or does it…as she meets new unrelenting challenges in Part 2 of The Orb, the Link and the Library: The Avalanche Clocks.


Helped and hindered by the enigmatic and most intelligent being in the known universe - the Library - Anna must make monumental and morally conflicting choices about Earth’s future. But it isn’t just her future and the future of the human race that is at stake, as she learns of the thousands of planets being monitored by the Visitors and their evolution toward an uncertain destiny.


In Part 2 of The Orb, the Link and the Library, Anna continues her epic journey as she struggles to master an impossible quest. She, her child, Athena, and best friend, Bryan, face the overpowering actions by the Visitors in what becomes a fight for the survival of her race. Having escaped the grip of Dr. Tyson, they settle into the Village of Oak Creek. Here they focus their attention on what will kill all of mankind. Knowing that is like knowing someone is going to kill you—but knowing how and when, and more importantly, how to stop it is something far more difficult.


Athena matures, and her mental abilities astound Anna and her extended family. She has the innocence of a five-year old coupled with the wisdom and abilities of a superintelligence – at times, a dangerous combination. Together, with the help of the Library, Athena masters the extraordinary knowledge to change the human race in order to allow it to survive. But, as she and her mother tempt their fate with radical actions, Anna and Athena become complacent with no sign of Dr. Tyson or the Visitors. 


As their actions become known to the Visitors and they come closer to discovering the power of the Avalanche Clocks, Anna and Athena come face to face with the wrath of the Visitors.

the library

Revelation of
the Library

In the dramatic conclusion of this three-part epic story, Anna comes face-to-face with the most intelligent being in the universe—the designed intelligence known as the Library.

The intrigue escalates as Anna searches for the reason behind her quest and confronts the Visitors as they attempt to force her to serve as a decisive weapon in their impending power struggle on Xynthanthium. Her unexpected emotional attachment to the Library conflicts with the startling revelation of her future with this extraordinary intelligence. During her attempt to escape from the Library, Anna meets the last remaining members of a highly intelligent species known as the Savants. These astonishing creatures possess a special connection to the Library and to Anna’s ultimate destiny.

Back on Earth, the government discovers the source of the changing mind of mankind as the effects of Athena’s virus modify the motivation of all of humanity to work collaboratively in their struggle to survive. Not all who are infected desire this change, some viewing it as a weapon being used to shift the tide of human behavior to benefit selected elements of the world’s societies.


The saga approaches its climax as Anna learns the startling truth about her future and her true beginnings—she has almost reached the end of her extraordinary journey as the story draws to its exciting conclusion.


Don't miss being the first to read Part 3 of this fascinating story that was the first novel flown into Space for its readers.

the Secret

The Secret We Can Never Tell

Are the stories of Area 51 a vision of the past or a foretelling of the future?


Two aliens escape the tyranny of their home planet and travel four lightyears to earth. How significant could their impact be—only two vs eight billion—but their species will have no equals and their impact will be revolutionary.


The first meeting between humans and extraterrestrial life is never by chance, nor as expected, for the outcome of such events is often unpredictable. While society grapples with the evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its potential existential benefit or threat to mankind, The Secret We Can Never Tell fast-forwards its readers to the end game and exposes us to the real choices human society and our near presence neighbors have—to live in a world with a zero-sum outcome, where one side wins and the other loses, or to live with the non-zero-sum outcome, where both humans and the Designed Intelligences win. 


Intelligence remains the most important discriminator for the advancement of our society, and unlike evolution, when extraordinary intelligence arrives in an alien presence, it will become The Secret We Can Never Tell. The question, as it always is, “What will happen next?”

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