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DM Rosewood



Welcome to the website of D. M. Rosewood. Rosewood, who’s friends call “D”, is a passionate writer of science fiction and a seasoned creative scientist, engineer and entrepreneur who worked in numerous space and missile programs supporting the Air Force and NASA space launch activities, including Skylab. He has an eclectic appetite for everything interesting, like grinding a six-inch primary mirror by hand and using it to build his first telescope at the age of 15. 


He has sky-dived, scuba-dived, parasailed, been a spelunker, climbed mountains, traveled on the Great Wall of China, flown airplanes, traveled in a hot air balloon, sailed a Flying Dutchman, worked with autonomous vehicles and built a host of Heathkits, from amateur radio equipment, to computers and robots. In his younger years he built a six-foot Tesla coil and a cloud chamber in his basement.


The five most exciting things the author has ever done include marrying his wife, jumping out of an airplane, experiencing 13g’s of acceleration from an aircraft ejection seat, observing a live open-heart triple-bypass surgery and launching his original book manuscripts into space.


“Watching ‘ignition and lift off of the Blue Origin Mission 7 flight that carried my manuscripts into space’ was like lighting a spark for my readers,” Rosewood said as he reflected on the launch of his manuscripts - a spark he hopes will ignite the interest of his readers in space exploration and space travel. “Holding and reading this intriguing space-based science fiction novel, whose original manuscript and digital text flew into space, is something special.”


D.M. Rosewood

Writing Style


The triptych paintings underlaid on this page reflect the work of P. M. Young, an abstract artist who captured the essence of an Earth-Space continuum by painting a story of two aliens playing the game of chess. 

This triptych set of paintings is the work of P. M. Young, an abstract artist who captured the essence of an Earth-Space engagement by painting a story of two aliens playing Earth’s game of chess. Demonstrated here is Earth’s vulnerability to the zero-sum, win-lose games Earth and the aliens play in The Orb, the Link and the Library. Anastasia must protect Earth from itself as well as from the Visitors, the alien species from another galaxy that manipulates planets they monitor. And perhaps the only way she can do that is through collaboration and cooperation and with the help of others.


Like this artistic triptych whose story is only known by viewing all three paintings, the ‘literary triptych’ expressed in The Orb, the Link and the Library, is a continuing story written in three parts—Sanctuary’s Quest—The Avalanche Clocks—and Revelations of the Library. The three books make a complete story that reflect the design of the writings of J. R. R. Tolkien in the epic journey, The Lord of the Rings. The Orb, the Link and the Library also represents an epic journey, a quest of discovery, intrigue and adventure.


For those who enjoy chess, the current play of the chess game underway between these aliens represents another quest—a mid-game play of one of the most exciting matches in the history of chess, the famous twenty-one game match that contributed to the American, Bobby Fisher’s win of the World Chess Championship from the Russian, Boris Spassky in 1972.

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